Community Support

Peer Support Group

A peer support group has been established to provide advice and act as a sounding board for the management and development of the project. The inaugural Peer Group is:
. Paul Harding, Landscape Architect
. Rob Malone, Conservationist and Cattle Producer (Anacotilla Springs)
. Steve Poole, Permaculturist
. Dr Keryn Walshe, Archaeologist

Community Support Group

A community support group has been established to assist the project in various ways:
. Assistance with resources; financial and material
. Provision of voluntary labour
. Support at events
If you are able to assist please contact Gavin (see Contact for details)

Benefactors, Partners and Supporters

Financial and material support for the project is accepted from appropriate sources.
. Lorraine Schuller, Canberra. Donation of Lorrie’s Hut
. Kelly Family, Adelaide. Donation of cedar cladding
. Kelly Family, Kongolia. Donation of old Redgum fence posts
. Susan Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of Swamp Deck
. Susan Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of Culture Shack
. Rob Malone, Adelaide. Donation of sail shade
. Kathy Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of water tank
. Pamela Poole, Adelaide. Donation of water tank
. Barbary O’Brien, Middleton. Donation of seedlings
. John Hodges, Birdwood. Donation of Culture Shack display cabinets for artefact collection
. Margie and John Kennedy-Gould, Sydney. Donation of seven lead light windows from the estate of Fr. Ted Kennedy, Parish Priest, Redfern, 1971-2002. Fr. Ted is well known and respected for his work with the Aboriginal people of Redfern and elsewhere. He is a relative of Gavin, they share the same apical ancestors in County Clare, Ireland.

Natural Resources, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges have partnered the project revegetation program for three years, 2016 – 2018, through a Work Plan.
NRM Logo

Fox Creek Wines, nearby neighbours and located along the same creek system. Well known for their support of arts and cultural activity; please support them in return.FoxCreek_logos

Timelapse Adelaide has provided a time lapse camera to record the landscape changes over ten years.  The weekly photographs will provide a valuable record of plant growth and other changes. Contact Nick Graalman from Timelapse Adelaide about the services they provide.

John Edmeades, Native Seedlings and Organic Vegies, Willunga Farmers Market

‘Just want to get rid of it’ support
. A friend, Adelaide. Oregon verandah timber & copper pipe
. Helen Fuller, Adelaide. More Oregon timber
. Eileen Lubiana, Adelaide. Kitchen sink and doors