Community Support

Peer Support Group

A peer support group has been established to provide advice and act as a sounding board for the management and development of the project. The inaugural Peer Group is:
. Paul Harding, Landscape Architect
. Rob Malone, Conservationist and Cattle Producer, Anacotilla Springs, Second Valley
. Steve Poole, Permaculturist
. Dr Keryn Walshe, Archaeologist

Community Support Group

A community support group has been established to assist the project in various ways:
. Assistance with resources; financial and material
. Provision of voluntary labour
. Support at events
If you are able to assist please contact Gavin (see Contact for details)


Financial and material support for the project is welcome. The following people have assisted:
. Lorraine Schuller, Canberra. Donation of Lorrie’s Hut
. Kelly Family, Adelaide. Donation of cedar cladding
. Kelly Family, Kongolia. Donation of old Redgum fence posts
. Susan Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of Swamp Deck
. Susan Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of Culture Shack
. Rob Malone, Second Valley. Donation of sail shade
. Kathy Schuller, Adelaide. Donation of water tank
. Pamela Poole, Adelaide. Donation of water tank
. Barbary O’Brien, Middleton. Donation of seedlings
. John Edmeades, Kuitpo. Donation of seedlings
. John Hodges, Birdwood. Donation of Culture Shack display cabinets for artefact collection
. Margie and John Kennedy-Gould, Sydney. Donation of seven lead light windows from the estate of Fr. Ted Kennedy, Parish Priest, Redfern, 1971-2002. Fr. Ted is well known and respected for his work with the Aboriginal people of Redfern and elsewhere. He is a relative of Gavin, they share the same apical ancestors in County Clare, Ireland.