Some Photos

Sunset Easter Saturday 2015_MaloneSunset, Easter Saturday, 2015

Moonrise Easter Saturday 2015 (2) _MaloneMoon-rise, Easter Saturday, 2015

Patterns of land use, evening light_MalonePatterns of land use, Autumn evening light, 2015

Towering Reeds_MaloneTowering Reeds, April, 2015

Wooly jumbuck vine-raider_MaloneWoolly jumbuck vine-raider, next door, May 2015

Winter dawn June 2015_MaloneWinter dawn, June 2015

Winter green, 2015, Lot 50_MaloneWinter green, June 2015

Winter camp, Lot 50_MaloneWinter camp, June 2015

Winter light July 2015, Lot 50 _MaloneWinter light, July 2015

Winter quiet, reeds & vines, July 2015, Lot 50_MaloneWinter quiet, July 2015

Winter Coats, Lot 50_MaloneWinter coats, July 2015

Sunrise, 31 July, 2015, Lot 50_MaloneSunrise, 31 July 2015

Moonrise, 31 July, 2015, Lot 50_MaloneMoon-rise, 31 July 2015

Almon blossom, Aug, Lot 50_MaloneSpring approaches, August 2015

The Mowers, Lot 50_MaloneThe grass grazers, August 2015

Its a bird, plane ... Lot 50, Aug.2015_MaloneIt’s a bird, a plane … it’s ‘The Legend’ blimp, August 2015

Susan with Polly and Mum, Lot 50_MaloneSusan with Polly and Mum, Sept. 2015

Flowering Veld Grass_Malone
Flowering Perennial Veld Grass, Oct. 2015

Old sign, Lot 50_MaloneOld sign, Nov. 2015

Fat Drops_Malone
Fat drops, December rain, 2015

Into the Sunset_Malone
Into the sunset, June 2016

High flow, July 2016_Malone
High flow, July 2016