Work Activities

Regeneration work commenced at Pepper Tree Corner and from there is spreading to the rest of the property. Tasks that produce the ‘easiest return’, provide immediate amenity value or have ecological priority are being tackled first whilst advice and resources are being gathered to manage the whole of the property.

Pepper Tree Corner
A Pepper Tree Schinus molle is located in the north-east corner of the property providing welcome shelter and shade. Horse yards were built adjacent the tree as the property has been grazed by horses for over a decade. Two horses remain but agistment is to be phased out. The first activity on the property was the clean-up and provision of some facilities at Pepper Tree Corner. Weeds and rubbish have been removed, the old slogan ‘turn grass into lawn with a Victa’ was applied to the kikuyu. A fallen Redgum corner post, found in the weeds, was reinstated and the horse yard fence along Pethick Road rebuilt (after being hit be a car in Sept.) and a wind break added. Permapine fence posts along Pethick Road have been replaced with old Redgum posts to match a few remnant Redgum gate posts and reflect the district’s farming heritage.

Horses, Lot 50_Malone
Horses grazing, Lot 50

Horse yard fence, Pethick Road, Nov. 2015_MaloneHorse yard fence, Pethick Road, Nov. 2015

Pethick Road Beforehand_MaloneBeforehand

Horse yard wind break, Lot 50 _MaloneHorse yard wind break, Sept. 2015

'New' old redgum post, Lot 50_Malone‘New’ old Redgum fence post, June 2015

Wrought iron gate, Lot 50_Malone‘New’ old wrought iron gate, Oct. 2015

A story: The ‘new’ old Redgum posts come from a friend’s property at Konglolia in the Marne River Valley near Cambrai, about 80 km NE of Adelaide in the Murray Mallee. Gavin is originally from Cambrai and is delighted to have this connection to childhood place through the River Redgum.

A new entrance has been completed off Branson Road, using recycled materials, providing a safer and easier entry. In June Council graded the Branson Road entrance.

Branson Road entrance, Lot 5_Malone (2)New Branson Road Entrance, May, 2015

Beforehand, Lot 50 _MaloneBeforehand

Grading Branson Rd_MaloneIt’s Great when a Grader Grades to the Gate, June 2015

Management Matters
Ongoing meetings and discussions are being held with relevant authorities and others about land and cultural heritage management for Lot 50-Kanyanyapilla and the adjacent road reserves.
City of Onkaparinga: The eradication of woody weeds, (olives, dog roses, boxthorn) is underway in the closed section of the Branson Road reserve and in Spring the area was slashed. Control of Caltrop Tribulus terrestris (Three Corner Jack) has also commenced.
Natural Resources, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges (NRM): Meetings and site visits have been held with staff from the Willunga office to develop the ecological restoration plan and and a 3 year Work Plan has now been finalised.
South Australian Museum (SAM): Dr, Keryn Walshe, Archaeologist, inspected the site to ascertain what archaeological research may be appropriate in the future. Post-contact surface artefacts were noted and field survey and collection is to be undertaken in the near future.
Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (AAR): A cultural and ecological management approach has been submitted to and agreed by AAR. Further information on the Kaurna cultural heritage has been obtained from AAR. Discussions will be ongoing about particular management issues.
Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI): Roadside vegetation management and weed control on the Victor Harbor Road along the western boundary is underway.
Treasury Wine Estates (TWE): TWE operate vineyards immediately to the north and east of Lot 50. Several meetings have been held with TWE staff regarding mutual issues for the road reserve, revegetation and cultural heritage management.

Branson Road Revegetation, Lot 50_MaloneBranson Road Revegetation